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loud-thunder-2012 has started a donation pool!
160 / 2,000
:iconlapointsplz: :iconnorequests: :iconcommissionsopen: :icontradesask: :iconlapointsplz: user stamp by elPatrixF Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear
Here's where I'll recive points for the commissions ^_^
MH A Day In The City fashion line:
A day in the city: Lamb by loud-thunder-2012 A day in the city: Frankie by loud-thunder-2012
This is a special fashion line I started. Anyone interested?
The fashion line includes full bodies only. An outfit for 1 character costs 30 points and if you want to add more people in the picture then each one will cost 30. You can ask me to add as much characters as you want, Canons or OCs :D all accepted.
Couples are my favourite to be honest ^_^ And groups of besties, I love groups :D
Monster high commisions:
C: Kwahu Kachina by loud-thunder-2012 Happy BDay! :D by loud-thunder-2012 C: Lea And Zilda by loud-thunder-2012 C: Lilly Lake by loud-thunder-2012 C: Fame Feels Good by loud-thunder-2012 C: Selena Witch by loud-thunder-2012
I do monster high OC's, Canons, outfit designing, and everything in between :D
-head shots = 15 points (for each character if it's a group picture)
-Half body = 20 points (for each character if it's a group picture)
-Full body = 30 points (for each character if it's a group picture)
-A Background included is optional although it costs 10 points.
Commission list: (Which is STILL opened :D ) *COME ON GUYS DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR A COMMISSION! xD*
:bulletpurple: :iconh-moss: Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: :iconzer0-hero: Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: :iconxxgraffitifruitxx: Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: :iconthecraftraccoon: Purple Bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: :icondjcinnccing: Purple Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: :iconsilverflower1550: Purple Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: :iconpareldraakje: Purple Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: :iconchunk07x: 1- Purple Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios 2- Purple Bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: :icongothickitta: 1- Purple Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios 2- Purple Bar-25%done by L3Moon-Studios
:bulletpurple: :iconneko-kumicho-chan: Purple Bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios

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C: Selena Witch by loud-thunder-2012
C: Selena Witch
Oh yeah, I thought she looked like Sirena Von Boo or Spectra Vondegiest at first XD even if I was the one who drew this, I still got the idea she looked like Sirena XD anyway, this headshot was a commission from :iconovertheshelves: and I had  LOT OF FUN with this color scheme ^_^ :D AND I'm becoming a fan of smoky eyes :flirty:
Monster high belongs to: Mattel
Selena Witch belongs to :iconovertheshelves:
Art by :iconloud-thunder-2012: ME! :D
Enjoy! ^_^
G: Thank you and Happy Bday! by loud-thunder-2012
G: Thank you and Happy Bday!
 Jay is very dear person to me. He's one of the early poeple
whom I fell in love with their art. His art was beautiful, quiet detailed
and full of colors, which really attracted me and
the way he'd give justice to every single object in his work made
me think of him as a teacher, a role model, someone
who I look up to when I was trying to develop my own style.
It's been a while now, and I've been blessed to watch him and see the
amount of development he had made throughout the years.
It even reflected on me.
Jakub tought me a lot of things and he didn't even know about it.
His art just kept on getting better and better and so did mine.
I remember the first gift I ever made for him: Gift for Qba016 Draculaura X Clawd
and I kept thinking he'd hate it because back then I didn't
feel like my art was anything attractive, but he told me he loved it.
And I couldn't have been more happier.
I've made sure ever since then to develop myself so that I could
surprise him more the next year.
And I did.
That was my second gift: The Gift Of A Friend
where digital coloring started growing on me and I loved using it.
Even though I worked hard on it, I was never satisfiyed and I kept telling myself
something was off, but I just couldn't put my finger on it.
But out of the blue, Jay was there, telling me he loved it so much.
Ever since then, my confidence was boosted further. Ever since
then, I realized I was getting better, I realized I could do better.
I worked harder on my own style. I wanted
such an amazing and ispiring artist like him to look at
my next gift in awe.
And I did my best. And I hope he loves it as much as I do.
"Dear Jay, I'm not just telling you happy birthday, but I'm
thanking you for being such an inspiration for me throughout the years and
always giving me hope.
Thank you. Heart "
Monster high belongs to: Mattel
B.Z. Leashee belongs to
Art by me.
C: Tonight we're killin' it by loud-thunder-2012
C: Tonight we're killin' it
Yup. Just had to use this title (OR I didn't think of anything better XD LOL)
OK. JUST TO MAKE THINGS CLEAR THIS MOTHER****IN PIECE TOOK ME A MONTH. IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO TAKE ME A MONTH, I was freakin busy, working my ass for the exams and stuff XD I feel like epic victory when I was done with it like, wow, I did that, can't belive it's over, IT'S FINALLY OVER.
As much as it took me forever to finish it, It was the most amazing thing I've ever done so far, and by that, I enjoyed this commission so much. I used colors that are slightly off the book for some characters, but I was really thinking of the "Off the book" concept and decided to bend other colors into their outfits.
BUT it is mixed media, lineart was traditionally made and colors were digital. (Which explains why the lines are so visible it's so embarrasing and I can do nothing about it XD)
Anyhow, I really, REALLY enjoyed coloring it and I colored it from heart :heart: Love the right colors that I felt would look good.
AAAAND here's my epic fail in making a background XD And FYI I drew these glasses in their hands as if they're having some wine, then I realised later it was too late to change it, I mean, THEY'RE IN HIGH SCHOOL, THEY DON'T DRINK XD As I said, "too late to go back now" So please just pretend they're holding juice or energy drinks XDD
AAAAND enjoy! Please comment what you guys think ^_^
All characters belong to the amazing, creative, kind, supportive (The list goes on and on :heart: ) :iconacid-black-cherry:
Art and design by Me! :D :blowkiss:
Please be kind enough to check out the rest of my gallery ^_^ You won't regret it ;)
MH 180 TC #2: Dance by loud-thunder-2012
MH 180 TC #2: Dance
#2: Dance

Just to add a little more excitment to this piece, I was listening to… and not just the names of the song and my piece are identical, but the song is perfect in everyway to this scene :heart:
(Don't mind me, I'm just a hard core Cleuce shipper XD) (Seriously, these two are freakin life!)
Tried as well something different with this piece, the lineart was made in Paint tool Sai (An expired version, had to use screen shots to save it, but it was worth it yes I can tell you that. Now I understand why everyone loves making lineart in Sai XD) and the coloring was in Paint.NET (to be honest, I colored it in Sai first, but the colors were dull and stupid and unreal and all I could think of is WTF am I doing XD So I decided to stick to something I know too well, which was Paint.NET. I loved Sai, I really did, I just know I'm not ready for Sai yet (especially an expired version XD) And Paint.NET served so well, I freakin love that programBig Fool Emoji-12 (Pervy Flirt) [V2] )

~Please don't mind the weird shading, I was trying new things Ashamed AAAAAAND Not sure if the background is a dance floor or a ballroom or a mix of the two, oh well XDD

Cleo De Nile and Deuce Gorgon: Monster High 'Mattel'
Art: Me :D


To make things clear about this Theme challenge:
Bullet; Blue It's ONLY monster high (obviously)
Bullet; Blue It's not a daily or weekly thing. I'll be posting this every time I finish a theme because I originally made this theme thingy just for fun (And for you guys too :D (Big Grin) )
Bullet; Blue I may post the theme challenge list later on (Or not. You know me guys, i'm too freakin lazy XD ) but I would rather make it a surprise ;) (Wink)
Bullet; Blue If you want your MH OCs to be featured in the series, I'd more than glad to :D (Big Grin) They can be featured more than once.
To feature an OC, it costs 10 points only :D (Big Grin) you can ask me to feature as much as you want of you OCs, but each one will cost 10 points :D (Big Grin)
~Send the points to my donation pool and note me with the desired OC or OCs you want me to draw and I'll pick a theme that fits them~
EAH: Raven Queen AU by loud-thunder-2012
EAH: Raven Queen AU
'keep making trouble till you find what you love
I need a new partner in crime and your shotgun'
Yup, I was listening to… on repeat since it was posted and DAMMIT I NEED HELP XD My ears hurt from the contious listening XD seriously. I'm obssessed with it. You should definetly hear it too :D........*Whispers 'FALL OUT BOY ARE THE BEST!'Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 

ANyway, I wanted to say a quick announcment, I'M BACK! :happybounce: :FeelingFree: 
And since I haven't drawn ANYTHING at all since forever, I wanted to draw something that was NOT monster high, like, No, Imma take a break from these people and start drawin' EAH, becuase I actually love the show XD but never got the change to do any fanart....WELL I'M CHANGING THAT Cheerleader 
Sooooooooooooooo I sorta imagined how Raven would look like it she was actually 'Evil' and Viola! THIS came out XD

(Fun Fact, I worked on this for 4 days staright, I REGRET NOTHING! and Oh, I had a completely different idea for the background, but, oh well, I was way too bored to draw the first idea, so decided to change the whole thing XD)

(Another fun fact, I literally looked EVERY SINGLE THING up XD starting from Raven's stretched out leg to the little chairs in the background Dignity Laugh i was determined to make it look as much perfect as I can XD)

ENJOY! :blowkiss: 
THIS ENTIRE THING IS MADE IN paint.NET in case anyone is wondering ^_^
Raven Queen: Mattel
Art and Design: ME!


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hello there everyone :D ! I'm just a teenager who's crazy about something called ART. I live in Egypt but I'm out the country most of the time. I speak English and a little french, and of course, Arabic.
I love Chocolate and ice-cream as my love to heaven!
I love art just as a hobby, so, I'm trying my best to make it worth watching.
Love ya!

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